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may 4th 2024

What time should I arrive at the ceremony?

Guests arrive at the Chattahoochee Nature Center between 5:30-5:50 pm.

is there free parking at the venue?

yes, there is free parking at the venue.

what is the dress code? 

the dress code is cocktail attire, or a bit dressier. please avoid white dresses or outfits. Please Avoid stilettos. this is a partial outdoor event.


yes, children will be there! there is a children's center with toys and exhibits in the main building. If your child has a lot of energy during the ceremony, please bring them there so we can focus on being in the moment with a peaceful ceremony. Also, be aware that there will be fragile Items set up in the reception space following the ceremony! We ask that you make sure little fingers stay safe and away from breakables.


there will be a dj and a dance floor at the reception. please note, from 9:55 PM to 10:55 PM explicit dance music will be played.

I'm staying at one of the two "special wedding rate" hotels, is there a shuttle bus?

yes, shuttle buses will be provided. contact the hotel for more specific information.

is there a bar?

yes, there is an open bar! mocktail options too!

Your question wasn't answered? text or call Cassie: 617-817-2326 

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